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  • Intellij IDEA

    Can setup a project in an IDE

    Running Intellij IDEA for the First Time

    A little bit more detailed explanation (from CodeLaunch) with some additional info at the end.

    Importing a Project to Intellij IDEA
    Can navigate code effectively using IDE features

    Some useful navigation shortcuts:

    1. Quickly locate a file by name.
    2. Go to the definition of a method from where it is used.
    3. Go back to the previous location.
    4. View the documentation of a method from where the method is being used, without navigating to the method itself.
    5. Find where a method/field is being used.
    Can use some useful IDE productivity shortcuts

    Can step through a program using a debugger

    This video (from LaunchCode) gives a pretty good explanation of how to use the Intellij IDEA debugger.

    Can use automated refactoring features of the IDE

    This video explains how to automate the 'Extract parameter' refactoring using Intellij IDEA. Most other refactorings available works similarly. i.e. select the code to refactorfind the refactoring in the context menu or use the keyboard shortcut.

    Here's another video explaining how to change a method signature as part of refactoring.